Department of Health Training


Rodent Management Training

The goal of this training is to encourage best practices in preventative maintenance and to help neighborhoods experiencing high rates of infestation remediate problem conditions. Rat control in New York City is usually reactive to complaints from city residents and often occurs once problems have already occurred and rats are established. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has developed a fun and valuable course which teaches a proactive approach to preventing rats on your property. This full-day training is targeted to superintendents, property managers, homeowners, interested tenants and the local business community. Students will learn what steps building operators and homeowners can take to achieve a rodent-free property through methods to build rodents out.  The training includes both a classroom and field component. All Bronx participants who complete the training will leave with a custom rodent management plan, rodent management certificate, and a rodent-resistant trash can.

  • Rodent Management Training Class February 21, 2012 - CLICK HERE
  • Rodent Management Training Class March 20, 2012 - CLICK HERE