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AEA works to enhance the value and improve the performance of multifamily properties by designing, installing and monitoring energy management technologies that improve the bottom line for owners and managers, while also maintaining resident health, safety and comfort. 

AEA's Energy Management Group offers energy analysis and performance monitoring services to building owners and managers as a Partner in NYSERDA's Multifamily Performance Program.  Our goal is to ensure that the 20% energy performance target is achieved and maintained so as to maximize the Performance Incentives available from NYSERDA through that Program.

We work with installed EMS systems to provide periodic reports that show simple conclusions and recommendations on measures that enhance property value. Whether boiler, hot water, electric heat, wired or wireless AEA has the IT capability to collect and analyze data, produce reports, and monitor building performance real-time. AEA works with vendors of major energy management and control systems to gather data into a secure database where it can be analyzed for performance improvements. Often owners and property managers do not realize how much money underperforming systems are costing the bottom line. Regular feedback on building performance offers opportunities for timely response and corrective action.

AEA has conducted several state and federal research projects involving wireless-mesh control systems, demand response, real-time electrical pricing, boiler data analysis, and advanced sub metering. AEA is uniquely qualified to offer cutting edge solutions developed by engineering firms available to properties and also make the properties available to engineering firms in a powerful partnership for efficiency improvement.

An important component of energy efficient building operations is the monitoring of building utility and energy performance over time. In order to make informed operational decisions, AEA offers energy portfolio management services to provide key metrics to building owners, managers, and operators. AEA can provide monthly analysis and reporting of building load profiles and weather-normalized energy usage across a portfolio. AEA assists in training users to identify cause and effects of energy use variances. This enables trends to be identified and anomalies investigated and quickly remedied. Additional research and consulting is available as needed. 

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  • Contact Da-Wei Huang at 718.292.6733 ext 8223 for more information

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